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Ten-Day Cleanse – Day 2


Woo, down four pounds! I attribute that to releasing a lot of water weight. I had just loaded on a bunch of delicious pizza and wings the night before. What’s amazing is I can really feel a difference already! I feel like my feet are less bloated!

Today I drank plenty of water. It does make you have to pee like a million times but that’s because you’re also releasing toxins.

SPEAKING OF TOXINS OMG last night I went to a concert, and left my water in the car ::head smack:: so by the time I got home (after having circled the parking lot quite a few times looking for my car) I had an intense headache that lasted all night and into the morning. Dehydration while detoxing is not recommended. Although, it may also be related to (sorry if this is TMI) mastitis (inflammation of breast due to plugged duct). So, that’s been fun. Anyway, I’m feeling so incredibly much better today!

I did deviate slightly by eating some bites of frozen fruit I shared with my toddler, and then an avocado. And then some coconut water. I had meant to follow the cleanse as faithfully as possible this round (three to four drinks per day, no solids) but I feel that it is a crime to throw away avocados because they’ve gone past their prime. So, you see, I had to eat it. If my weight loss stalls significantly tomorrow, I’ll make sure that I stay on-plan. Feeling great, though! I really enjoyed my chocolate-blackberry-pineapple drink tonight! It was thick and cold, like a milkshake!!