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Ten-Day Cleanse – Day 3

Oh, man, I feel great today! My head hurt only very occasionally when I bent over. But really, walking faster and with more bounce. The difference between today and Saturday night is tremendous. I need to blog fast because I’ve got a lil 18-month-old who doesn’t particularly like Mommy tapping away at the computer. Daddy’s changing his diaper (thanks, Babe!) so I’ve got maybe two more minutes!

I noticed that I did feel hungry today, but drinking water helped a lot. I also noticed how much I would have liked to eat rice, chicken, and veggies that hubby made for dinner, which is a surprise, because lately I would have preferred take-out fast food! So the cleanse is great for cleansing the palate. Simple, wholesome foods become really enticing. I’m looking forward to rice and lentils! And, wow, I lost 1.2 pounds! I ate a little bit of the last avocado today, but other than that stayed on plan and drank a lot of water. I am amazed by how good I feel already. Maybe its the contrast of being so sick on Saturday, but golly, I feel good. Good enough to say “Golly!”, lol!