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Days 9 and 10… and then some

Sooooooo updating my blog is apparently not my strong suit! This cleanse ended with a success, 11 pounds in 10 days. After that, however, I did go back to eating sugar, but c’mon, it’s HALLOWEEN! Okay, it was Halloween last Friday, and yes, I’m still eating candy… but tomorrow I have a plan, which involves eating more fruit and avoiding sugar. I know if I can make it through one day, I can continue on.

20141027_050608 20141026_080142

I won Overall Best Costume in my company’s Halloween Costume Contest! YESSSSS! I think bleaching my hair earned me extra votes! I’m going to stay blonde, and actually, after some feedback from my coworkers, my new plan is to perform as a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist! It will be in a while though, I’m planning on having my second baby before I start performing, so I can use that time to practice songs, acquire my wardrobe, shoes, and makeup, and get ready to entertain people at the fabulous Marilyn Monroe! I have a lot to learn about her and her life, and I’m looking forward to it! And, it gives me great inspiration to get in better shape. Here’s photos:

lucy-marilyn lucy-first-place


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10-Day Cleanse – Day 5, 6 7, and 8

Sometimes, as a full-time working mother of an 18-month-old, finding time to blog can be challenging (he’s on my lap right now and I’m typing one-handed). But today is Saturday, so that means it’s time to update you on my progress! I’ve reached my 10-pound goal, with three days to spare! Here’s the photo documentation:

20141022_051559 20141023_05114820141024_05084520141025_082535

I felt very tired the past couple of days, I think because I only drank two drinks, even though I supplemented with fruit and avocados, Yesterday I drank all three drinks and had some grapes, and I still lost almost a pound! It might be because I slept in this morning, so I won’t be surprised if my weight doesn’t go down much tomorrow. I’ve also been amazed by my cravings. I really thought a 10-day cleanse would be easier than a 30- or 60-day cleanse, but each cleanse has its own set of challenges. I definitely feel so much better than I did a week ago. I love feeling healthy!!

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Ten-Day Cleanse – Day 1

I’m doing a ten-day cleanse! I really went waaaaay off my eating plan (sugar should be a controlled substance) and I put on 20 pounds since I ended my last cleanse! My goal for this ten day cleanse is to lose 10+ pounds and eat mindfully when I return to normal eating. I can do this!

I was planning on doing a 30-day cleanse in October, but I’m conserving my finances for a probably move in January (we’ll be renting a house! Room for another baby!). AND I’m going all out for my Halloween costume this year. I WANT TO WIN my company’s costume contest! So taking off a few pounds and getting un-bloated will definitely help.

Thanks to my coworker, Anna, who asked, “What’s your blog address again?” a few days ago, as I was stuffing my face full of donuts.

Here’s my feet from this morning:

Day 1

Day 1

And here’s a few photos of my drink process from this morning:

20141018_090850 20141018_091010 20141018_091523

I start by putting juice and/or water (today it was blackberry juice and water), then stuff 3-4 big handfulls of greens, two bananas, and fill it to the top with fruit. Then I blend it, and add protein powder. Blend again, until it’s the consistency that I want it, and voila, breakfast and lunch (and a little snack for hubby and baby). After that, I fill my Vitamix halfway with water with a drop or two of soap and blend on high for about a minute to clean it. So easy! I’ll check in again tomorrow. Feeling good so far!

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07/01/2014 – Day 57

Lucy's weight 07/01/2014 - 164.8

I am zen about my weight!

Hello! I have decided that my results are spectacular and that my body may have leveled out and I have accepted it! …And I almost fit into my size 10 work pants! Almost. I’m pretty sure if I don’t get really bloated when getting off the cleanse I will fit into them in a matter of weeks. My goal is to maintain the 30+ pound loss for a month or so, then go on another 30 day cleanse! I’ve reached a point where I feel so wonderful that keeping my health optimal outweighs excuses. So I’ll continue to eat healthfully, with room for some less optimal choices (Papadeaux, Red Lobster, Olive Garden… oh, those commercials…)(and I also have Burger King and Sweet Tomatoes coupons taped to my kitchen cupboards…) I’ve completely hit my goal for this cleanse in terms of size. I was hoping to end is size 12s, and the fact that I can foresee fitting into 10s so soon is just gravy!

My husband and I love to eat out. LOVE IT. We have spent a good amount on meals because we love to eat. And omigod Cow Appreciation Day is so close! We will feast on Chic-Fil-A! This year I’m making my Cowstume the best yet.

Lol… the Photoshop filter I use is called box blur…


06/30/2014 – Day 56









Today was a challenge. There was a team building exercise at work today (bowling, super fun!) and I was surrounded by free food. And free food is my weakness. BUT since there are only four days left, I just drank a LOT of water! AND OMG LOOK AT THE AWARD I WON:









Here is the close-up:









Feels good to be recognized for my achievements. And really, it was so easy. Just blend, drink, repeat. OTHER GOOD NEWS! I have figured out how to use the puffy vanilla protein powder! I tried stirring it in, which wasn’t bad, but tomorrow I’m going to shake it. I had my new favorite drink tonight: Chocolate Cherry. I will have to get some chocolate protein powder!

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06/29/2014 – Day 55 (oops, did the math wrong…)

Lucy's weight 06/29/2014 - 165.0

Not enough water again!

We were out and about today so I probably didn’t drink enough water. I know I’ll be on track Monday-Friday this week, and then SATURDAY I EAT AGAIN! I’m super excited about it. Ugh, my friend came over tonight and she’s wanting to start the cleanse soon, so I was showing her how to blend the drink, and tonight I decided to get fancy and we poured out the first portion because it got all puffy, and it was good, but then I added a whole lemon and a big ol’ hunk a ginger, and it was waaaay too much… she said that she liked it, which I believe, but I also know a good drink, and this one fell a bit short of the mark. But it is all a learning process! I blame the protein powder! It has changed the texture of my drinks and has taken a bit of adjustment to get used to, and tonight, well… I’ve made better drinks. Anyway, off to bed with me and the baby. I’ll check in tomorrow!