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Ten-Day Cleanse – Day 1

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I’m doing a ten-day cleanse! I really went waaaaay off my eating plan (sugar should be a controlled substance) and I put on 20 pounds since I ended my last cleanse! My goal for this ten day cleanse is to lose 10+ pounds and eat mindfully when I return to normal eating. I can do this!

I was planning on doing a 30-day cleanse in October, but I’m conserving my finances for a probably move in January (we’ll be renting a house! Room for another baby!). AND I’m going all out for my Halloween costume this year. I WANT TO WIN my company’s costume contest! So taking off a few pounds and getting un-bloated will definitely help.

Thanks to my coworker, Anna, who asked, “What’s your blog address again?” a few days ago, as I was stuffing my face full of donuts.

Here’s my feet from this morning:

Day 1

Day 1

And here’s a few photos of my drink process from this morning:

20141018_090850 20141018_091010 20141018_091523

I start by putting juice and/or water (today it was blackberry juice and water), then stuff 3-4 big handfulls of greens, two bananas, and fill it to the top with fruit. Then I blend it, and add protein powder. Blend again, until it’s the consistency that I want it, and voila, breakfast and lunch (and a little snack for hubby and baby). After that, I fill my Vitamix halfway with water with a drop or two of soap and blend on high for about a minute to clean it. So easy! I’ll check in again tomorrow. Feeling good so far!


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