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My, my, how time flies. I am happy to say I’ve found my footing. I’ve decided that I am choosing what I want each moment. I started with my dining room table:

Ahh... Serenity...

Ahh… Serenity…

It’s… so lovely… I am taking a stand for order and making it a habit to pick up every day. I feel that I’ll have more energy when clutter is abolished. But, I’m doing it in stages. First, the table. Then, the Microwave Desk. And so on, ending with THE DEN. The Den (ominous shudder) is the second room that we crammed all of our stuff into when we moved here eight months ago. I’ve got four days off at the end of August, and I intend to finally turn that terrifying death-trap into a functional and peaceful space. However, my plan involves working up to that point by establishing a routine to keep the rest of the house in order. My husband and I just sorted laundry on our sparkling dining room table! 

Achieving goals feels good.

Here is an image I designed based on a quote from an awesome book that is helping me become mindful (thank you, work book club), called Search Inside Yourself.

You know I love designing quotes.

You know I love designing quotes.

This quote refers to the ability to distance oneself from one’s emotions by recognizing that emotions are ephemeral phenomena of the body. I’ve found it quite helpful in enabling choice in my life. 


Today’s Mantra:

I am doing the best I can, and it is enough. 


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