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In 60 days: 35.2 pounds lost. 5″ gone from hips and belly, 4″ from my waist and 3.5″ from my chest! So, wow! I exceeded my goals in terms of size, but I ended a little heavier than I had hoped, but actually since I’m smaller that just means I have more muscle! This was the quickest and most enjoyable way of losing weight I’ve ever tried, and I’m actually looking forward to my next 30 day cleanse later this year (probably mid August or September). My ultimate goals are within reach! Now I just need to maintain my results. 🙂


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07/04/2014 – Day 60! Last Day of this cleanse!

So, I tried posting yesterday and the day before with no success after the big update. So today I’m using my slightly newer PC laptop instead of my elderly Macintosh with hopes that this post will stick!

You may have noticed that my weight is now 163. Woohoo! It may be because I had an avocado last night instead of a third drink because I got home too late, or because I weighed myself later in the day than usual today (thank you, Baby, for sleeping in!), but wha-ev-ah I’ll take it!

Feeling really good about eating solid foods tomorrow, but MAN do I want to eat now too! Just a few more hours really. And I’ll post all my results tomorrow. 🙂


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07/01/2014 – Day 57

Lucy's weight 07/01/2014 - 164.8

I am zen about my weight!

Hello! I have decided that my results are spectacular and that my body may have leveled out and I have accepted it! …And I almost fit into my size 10 work pants! Almost. I’m pretty sure if I don’t get really bloated when getting off the cleanse I will fit into them in a matter of weeks. My goal is to maintain the 30+ pound loss for a month or so, then go on another 30 day cleanse! I’ve reached a point where I feel so wonderful that keeping my health optimal outweighs excuses. So I’ll continue to eat healthfully, with room for some less optimal choices (Papadeaux, Red Lobster, Olive Garden… oh, those commercials…)(and I also have Burger King and Sweet Tomatoes coupons taped to my kitchen cupboards…) I’ve completely hit my goal for this cleanse in terms of size. I was hoping to end is size 12s, and the fact that I can foresee fitting into 10s so soon is just gravy!

My husband and I love to eat out. LOVE IT. We have spent a good amount on meals because we love to eat. And omigod Cow Appreciation Day is so close! We will feast on Chic-Fil-A! This year I’m making my Cowstume the best yet.

Lol… the Photoshop filter I use is called box blur…