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06/30/2014 – Day 56









Today was a challenge. There was a team building exercise at work today (bowling, super fun!) and I was surrounded by free food. And free food is my weakness. BUT since there are only four days left, I just drank a LOT of water! AND OMG LOOK AT THE AWARD I WON:









Here is the close-up:









Feels good to be recognized for my achievements. And really, it was so easy. Just blend, drink, repeat. OTHER GOOD NEWS! I have figured out how to use the puffy vanilla protein powder! I tried stirring it in, which wasn’t bad, but tomorrow I’m going to shake it. I had my new favorite drink tonight: Chocolate Cherry. I will have to get some chocolate protein powder!


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06/29/2014 – Day 55 (oops, did the math wrong…)

Lucy's weight 06/29/2014 - 165.0

Not enough water again!

We were out and about today so I probably didn’t drink enough water. I know I’ll be on track Monday-Friday this week, and then SATURDAY I EAT AGAIN! I’m super excited about it. Ugh, my friend came over tonight and she’s wanting to start the cleanse soon, so I was showing her how to blend the drink, and tonight I decided to get fancy and we poured out the first portion because it got all puffy, and it was good, but then I added a whole lemon and a big ol’ hunk a ginger, and it was waaaay too much… she said that she liked it, which I believe, but I also know a good drink, and this one fell a bit short of the mark. But it is all a learning process! I blame the protein powder! It has changed the texture of my drinks and has taken a bit of adjustment to get used to, and tonight, well… I’ve made better drinks. Anyway, off to bed with me and the baby. I’ll check in tomorrow!

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06/28/2014 – Day 53

Lucy's weight 06/28/2014 - 165.2

As I suspected…

Not drinking enough water again! Don’t think I drank enough today either, and I had 1.5 avocados. I’m going to skip my third drink today since it is late. Tomorrow I will make more of an effort to drink 5 bottles. I’ve been tired lately, so I’ve been taking it a little more easy on myself. I took a two hour nap with the baby. I love weekends! I’m also getting more and more excited about eating solid foods! My husband and I are thinking up meals we can have weekly. I have a freaky love for bangers and mash, so that is in the rotation. Mmm!

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06/7/2014 – Day 52

Lucy's weight 06/27/2014 - 164.6

Woo! Down another .8!










Today was nice! I had the day off. But the baby got up two hours earlier than usual, so I waited to weigh myself until around 8:30 and drank no water so it would be as accurate as possible. And I’m now under 165. I celebrated with an avocado, which was amazing. The rest of the day was busy with errands, and I’m behind on my water consumption, so I won’t be surprised if I gain tomorrow morning. I’m so pleased with my results that it is okay if I don’t lose anything more in the remaining 8 days. I know I’m doing my best, and my body feels great. The few times that I’ve felt detoxification symptoms haven’t been very long and generally I feel amazing. I’m already planning my next cleanse! It was never like that on any other diet I used to try! Oh, btw, made a bunch of Strawberry Lemonade (sweetened with liquid stevia) in my Vitamix today. I put it into juice containers in the fridge. I don’t think it will last long with my husband around though. 🙂

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06/26/2014 – Day 51

ImageYay, down another .4! Very pleased, especially since I only have 9 days left! OMG, yesterday I experienced a fairly intense detoxification! It was for about 30 minutes. I felt warm and a little nauseated, to the point where I thought I was coming down with something, but then it went away and I feel fantastic again. It could also have been due to the fact that the night before… I dropped a piece of avocado on my carpet… and still ate it. >.< It was my last bite of avocado! Anyway, not recommended. But I think it was due to detoxification. It was the most intense I’ve experienced during this cleanse, but now I feel great again! 

I made Pineapple Cherry Lemonade this morning, and actually my husband drank my morning portion! It was cute. He saw it and was like, “That looks so yummy, Baby…” and drank a little, and five minutes later came back to drink the rest! 🙂 Something about the pineapple made it puff up A LOT, like all over my counter, because I didn’t have the lid on the Vitamix perfectly. It was a bit of a mess. But a pretty, pink mess.

Sooooo…. COW APPRECIATION DAY IS IN 15 DAYS! My cowstume this year involves a tutu. A TUTU. I’m so excited!

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06/25/2014 – Day 50

Lucy's weight 06/25/2014 - 165.8

Yeah, baby!

Woohoo, down another .8! Last night I got home very late, so instead of making a drink, I had an avocado instead, and it was delicious. Perfectly ripe. Today I’ve got delicious Blueberry Lemonade and my fav Mango-Pineapple Green Drink. Feeling good! Only ten days left! Kind of obsessed with food, but in a good way. :0)

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06/24/2014 – Day 49

Lucy's weight 06/24/2014


Lost another pound! Okay, I don’t have long to blog because I got up late. I tried Ginger Lemonade today, which tasted good but was a bit gritty I think I’ll let it blend double the length I did today, or perhaps strain it. But OMG the Cherry Lemonade from yesterday was delish! I’m pleased that I’m making progress again because I followed the cleanse perfectly yesterday. Okay, gotta go! I’ll check in tomorrow!